Special Educational Needs

Templemichael College provides two Special Classes which cater for students with additional or special educational needs: 

  • Mild General Learning Disability (opened in Sept 2018) 
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders (opened in Sept 2019) 

The individual needs of students are assessed and individual plans of work are prepared to help each student’s progress. This progress is monitored very closely and adjustments to the schedule are made as required.

Students in these classes are encouraged to participate academically and socially in the mainstream curriculum as much as possible. They are assigned to a mainstream class with their peers. Every support is given to help them develop both socially and intellectually.

Parents are contacted on a regular basis to discuss the needs and progress of their children. They are also encouraged to visit the Resource teacher to discuss any concerns they may have.

Students are prepared for examinations in the subjects and at the levels which suit their capabilities.

The help and support of outside agencies such as NEPS, School Age Team and HSE are sought where required and with the knowledge and permission of the parents.

Within the Special Class setting, they participate in programmes which target key areas such as communication and language, functional literacy and numeracy, vocational skills, independent living skills and social skills.