Special Educational Needs

Learning Support Department 

The management and teaching staff of Templemichael College are committed to providing all of its students with the highest possible standards of teaching, and opportunities for learning in an inclusive, caring and supportive environment. With a view to enabling students achieve their full potential, the Learning Support department of Templemichael College provide students with support across all curricular areas where deemed appropriate. Support may be provided in developing literacy, numeracy, social and personal development, interpersonal skills, organisation skills and wellbeing. There is a blended approach to the delivery of learning support, from in-class support, withdrawal in small groups and in some instances one to one teaching. 

Special Classes 

By September 2019, the school will have two Special Classes which cater for students with additional or special educational needs. These classes provide an alternative learning and teaching environment for students with: 

  • Mild General Learning Disability (opened in Sept 2018) 
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders (opening in Sept 2019) 

Students in these classes are encouraged to participate academically and socially in the mainstream curriculum as much as possible. Within the Special Class setting, they will engage in programmes which target key areas such as communication and language, functional literacy and numeracy, vocational skills, independent living skills and social skills.