Letter to Parents August 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,  

We are looking forward to welcoming our students back to school after a long absence.

As the welfare, health and safety of our students is of paramount importance, we has taken considerable steps to ensure that a full and safe return to school is achieved in the coming weeks.  I am contacting you to inform you of measures taken so far and I will follow up with regular updates and informed you of emerging requirements, changes etc. 

Please be aware of the following changes to our school day.

  • Facemasks must be worn by all students
  • Students on the school bus can enter school building on arrival
  • Students walking/cycling/car should arrive at school building after 8.45am
  • Students will be restricted to their classrooms 
  • An online food ordering system will be in place for September
  • Only Leaving Certificate students with written permission from parents can leave school grounds during the lunch break. We do not recommend leaving the grounds to maintain social distancing
  • You will not be sharing any materials with other students so please ensure you have all resources required
  • Please pay your book bill immediately to avoid delays in starting back at school
  • You are asked to maintain social distances at all times and use hand sanitiser at every opportunity
  • We are reducing class sizes at the moment to ensure that we adhere to the 1 meter rule between students in class
  • All students must adhere to all Covid 19 regulation imposed by management and failure to do so is a health and safety matter that will result in immediate contact with parents to bring the student home.
  • All dealing with the school must be by email to admin.tcl@lwetb.ie and by prior morning appointments only.

The following dates for returning to school are as follows;

31st August –Monday -11am 1pm -1st year only

1st September –Tuesday-1st years only

2nd September-Wednesday-6th years return

3rd September-Thursday-3rd year return

4th September-Friday-2nd year return

7th September- Monday-5th years return

8th September –Tuesday-  LCA 1

9th September –Wednesday-LCA 2

We look forward to seeing you and ask that if you have any queries, please email admin.tcl@lwetb.ie.

Kind regards

Sorcha Nic Dhonnacha, Principal

Mick O Rourke, Deputy Principal