JCSP – Junior Certificates Schools Programme 

The Junior Certificate Schools Programme (J.C.S.P.) is a programme running in Templemichael College. Junior Certificate Schools Programme is a national programme sponsored by the Department of Education and Skills and the NCCA. It aims to give students a fulfilling and varied education. 

The programme offers students the normal Junior Cycle with extras. A programme is set up for each student to meet their needs. Students get the opportunity to become more involved in their own learning, discussing statements and tracking their progress continually throughout the three years of the Junior Cycle. Through engagement with this learning process, students begin to succeed and go on to build on this success. Throughout their time on the programme the JCSP team seeks out opportunities to reward and praise students and to give them useful feedback on their performance. 

Along with following the normal Junior Cycle course students will get a chance to get involved in many different areas such as reading projects, outdoor education, arts and crafts projects and educational school trips. For example in 2018/2019 some of the initiatives involved updating the library, Maths challenges and Field Trips. 

The JCSP aims to improve literacy, numeracy and school attendance for target students. It is hoped JCSP students will build a greater link between home and school. Along with normal school letters and reports parents will receive details of their child’s progress in JCSP projects and certificates for student achievements. Parents are also encouraged to become involved in the reading challenge with their child during first year. 

If you have any queries about JCSP or your child’s involvement please feel free to contact the school.