IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Covid procedures for returning to school.

Covid Procedures at Templemicheal College

  • Mask wearing is mandatory at all times within the School Building except when eating.
  • Any breaches of mask wearing is deemed a serious breach of the Code of Behaviour.
  • Students should have at least 3 masks each day in a ziplock bag and a second ziplock bag for storage of used masks.
  • Reusable masks should be washed daily.
  • Each year group has a specific entry point to the school:

· 1st & 2nd – Science Block entry at Mr O’Rourke’s office

· 3rd, 5t, LCA1, 6th & LCA2 entry via main entrance

  • When it is necessary to form a queue to enter the school building or a class room, students will be required to stand socially distanced with their back to the wall.
  • A one-way system will operate in the School during the school day, please ensure a coat is brought to school as this system involves unavoidable movement outside the school building.
  • All students will receive detailed guidance on mask wearing and hand sanitising as part of their Induction Programme and students will complete an LWETB online Covid Induction module as part of the return to school.
  • There is sanitisation stations within each classroom and students will sanitise their hands upon entry to the classroom.
  • Students are welcome to have their own personal bottle of sanitiser should they so wish.
  • Each class group will have a base room and teachers will move from class to class
  • Each student will be assigned a seat and a locker in this room

Our isolation room is inside the main entrance.

  • Absences to be recorded in school Journal
  • Student may only leave school during day for medical appointment and a parent must collect student outside the main door
  • There is no access to the school building unless by appointment.
  • Please ensure that your son / daughter has all necessary materials they require each morning as there is no facililty for dropping of lunches, forgotten ingredients etc.
  • All correspondence – letters for signing, information for Yearheads etc to be placed in a sealed envelope and put in the post box on the entrance gate.  No exceptions.

There may be a delay in processing correspondence due to Covid procedures.

  • Should there be a need to contact the school, please contact the Yearhead in the first instance. All students will have their Yearhead contact details in their Journal.
  • Senior Students may leave the school premises for Lunch with prior signed permission.