Templemichael College has a full time Home School Community Liaison Officer who is present in the school in order to support parents and guardians. The HSCL officer serves as a link between the school, student’s homes, neighbouring schools and local agencies and services.

The HSCL officer aims to promote PARTNERSHIP between the home, school and community to ensure pupils fully engage in school life. The HSCL officer seeks to promote and develop real partnership between parents, teachers and communities, in order to enhance pupils’ outcomes and learning opportunities, through improved attendance, participation and retention in the education system

The HSCL officer also promotes initiatives and activities which encourage parents and guardians to become more involved in their children’s education. Parents and guardians are encouraged to get involved in local committees, and to attend courses and information meetings. The HSCL officer also provides general advice and support for families.

In cases of poor student attendance, the HSCL officer works closely with the Year Heads, the School Completion Team and the Education Welfare Officer to support families in addressing the problem.

The Home School & Community Liaison Officer offers support to families experiencing difficulties in the following areas:

  • Transfer from Primary                                   
  • Attendance Problems                                     
  • Mental Health                                          
  • Economic stress                                             
  • Addiction problems                                 
  • Domestic Violence                                        
  • Child Protection
  • School refusal/anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Health issues
  • Separation/Divorce.

Templemichael College HSCL Officer Contact Details:

 Francis McGee