Code Of Behaviour

Templemichael College has in consultation with students, parents and teachers developed a new code of behaviour that ensures that the rights and the responsibilities of the students are supported. These rights and responsibilities have formed the core values of the code of behaviour 

As a community in Templemichael College each person has the right to: 

  • Feel safe and the responsibility to ensure that everyone else feels safe, 
  • Learn and the responsibility to allow others to learn, 
  • Communicate and the responsibility to allow others to communicate, 
  • Be treated with respect and the responsibility to treat others with respect. 

In order to achieve this we must all: 

  • Be Respectful 
  • Be Responsible  
  • Be Ready 

How can we do this?

Behaviours that are deemed inappropriate and are unwelcome in Templemichael College are:

Sanctions for misbehaviours include: 

*Ladder of Referral